Functions of the Ministry

     (a)     Designating special development zones for the development of border areas and national races;

     (b)    Drawing up the long-term and short-term plans for the development of national races residing in border areas;

     (c)     Implementing the long-term and short-term plans which are approved by the Central Committee for the

              Development of Border Areas and National Races;

     (d)   Implementing the development works which have been prescribed for immediate performance by the Central

            committee for the development of Border Areas and National Races;      

     (e)   Implementing socio-economic infrastructure for the border areas with annual plans such as:

            1.   Roads and bridges;

            2.   Water supply:

                 (aa)   to supply water for cultivation;

                  (bb)   to supply water for drinking;

            3.   Electricity:

                  (aa)  Hydro-electric;

                  (bb)  solar energy system;

           4.   Religious Affairs;

           5.   Construction work for Peace:

                 (aa)  Roads and bridges;

                  (bb)  Education;

                   (cc)  Health;

                   (dd)  Housing;

     (f)   Giving chances for Nationalities Youth living in different border areas to be able to attend schools from Basic

            Education Middle School to High School for free of charge;     

     (g)   Supporting Nationalities Youth who pass the basic education high school to pursue higher education at the

            University for Development of the National Races of the Union and Nationalities Youth Resource Development

            Degree Colleges;      

     (h)   Consolidating the Union Spirit and amity among the Nationalities Youth while studying together at the schools,

             degree colleges and university and to understand and cherish the culture tradition, customs and practices of

             national races;       

     (i)   Nurturing nationalities youth to exist in their mind as non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of

            the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty;

     (j)   Appointing the nationalities youth at the respective Ministries after completing higher education so that they can

            participate in their regional development work;     

     (k)   Teaching vocational expertise to the national races women in the border areas and assisting them to set up their

             own business applying with their vocational skills; 

     (l)   Teaching engineering to the Nationalities Youth in the border areas with the aim of becoming skillful workers and

            carrying out the development of small skill manufacturing and industries;        

     (m)   Carrying out cultural exchanging programs to enrich a wider knowledge for the nationalities youth in the border


     (n)   Carrying out national affairs as a priority in accordance with the desire of nationalities; 

     (o)   Implementing the promotion and propagation of religious affairs in the border areas;

     (p)   Establishing crops cultivation, livestock breeding and cottage industries in order to substitute poppy cultivation;

     (q)   Protecting and preserving border boundary pillars and markers; and 

    (r)   Managing for the cooperating with United Nations Organizations, International Organizations, Regional Organizations and respective persons in order to effectively implement the border areas development and human resource development.